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Pool & Billiard Tables

Recreation Series 

We carry a wide range of pool and billiards tables from the skilled workers at CANADA BILLIARD . Tables for homes or businesses—we have them all! The tables we offer are expertly crafted from a wide variety of woods and materials including the Melamine Laminate that’s stain, scratch, and dent resistant to keep your table looking pristine! The CANADA BILLIARD  website is where they keep you updated with all the new styles. If you see something on the website that you like, stop in and we will gladly help you with your table purchase! If you have any questions about purchasing, setup or the time frame for getting a table, feel free to contact us!

  The Recreation Series of CANADA BILLIARD  regroups the tables that puts their emphasis on durability. Modern, robust and reliable, these pool tables are made to be used daily and for the years to come, while offering our clients and their families the same play quality as our professional products.


The Banff of CANADA BILLIARD offers unsurpassed value and styling. The decorative corner mouldings help give it a unique and exceptionnal style. Sumptuous solid white birch rails add a special look. A pool table for life. A perfectly balanced style, the Banff is made from high quality materials that will remain untouched by the toll of time.



Built with solid white birch rails, the Liberty has a modern demeanour and solid stately look. The legs and frame are elegantly detailed with routing and the table incorporates CANADA BILLIARD’s exclusive leg levelling system that allows for better adjustment of the table. This billiard has been created with nothing but the highest of quality components and all for a surprisingly low price. It’s the perfect center piece for your home game room


Queen-Ann II

The Queen-Ann II offers unsurpassed value and styling. Little sister of the Queen-Ann, this redesigned model, robustly made, will please the players who want to go back to the billiard basics, while enjoying first grade materials

Queen Anne II.jpg


The contemporary entry-level model in our catalogue is light years away from what our competitors may offer. This solid 1” slate table features scratch, stain and burn resistant laminate covered solid hardwood rails. The Invitation table provides an unequaled playing quality. Best slate. Best cloth. Best rubber. Best quality. That’s our invitation, to you!



The Pacific of CANADA BILLARD offers unsurpassed value and styling. Solid white birch rails and decorative corner mouldings help give it that special look. Plus, it comes with luxurious leather pockets and two stunning colors to complement your decor. A robustly made product with first grade materials.


Special Anniversary

Let our most popular table bring your family together. Often selected by billiard club owners, the Special Anniversary is a contemporary styled billiard table from CANADA BILLIARD which is appreciated for its sturdiness, solid oak rails and exclusive steel leg levelers. Colour-coordinated leather pockets and a range of two finish colours make it easy to customize this table to suit your room.

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