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Dart Boards & Supplies

If you need to outfit your rec room, restaurant or bar with some entertainment, then come to Games Galore & The Billiard Store for a selection of games, including dart boards, billiard tables and more. Our darts section is well-stocked with boards, shafts, flights and accessories.

Come check out our dart boards and supplies. We have a location in Medicine Hat and in Lethbridge.


Dart Boards

Dart Board Cabinets

Dart Board Packages


Our darts come in dozens of styles and weights ranging from 18 to 28 grams. Special weights are also available at request!

  • black arrow
  • assasin 80
  • ICE 25
  • Black Jack 22
  • Club harrow 23
  • Matrix 22
  • harrows
  • phil taylor light blue
  • Phil taylor purple
  • Phil Taylor dark blue
  • pirahna dart
  • savage 80
  • savage 85
  • silver arrows darts
  • silver shark dart
  • sport 90 dart
  • swiftflyte tournament brass
  • torpedo 80
  • voodoo darts
  • dart
  • Green
  • Black lightining
  • Red
  • Blue dart
  • Pin point blue
  • Black
  • Red lighting
  • Shot puma
  • puma blue
  • Yellowish zenith
  • Shot black
  • Duel
  • Red pin
  • 24 point
  • Black shot
  • red with yellow pin
  • Duel dart
  • Design dart
  • red part
  • Silver dart
  • Light silver
  • Pin shot
  • Black pin
  • Gray black logo
  • Side way pin set
  • Purple dart set
  • Blue dart set
  • Black cover dart
  • Three dart pin
  • Blue black dart
  • Six dart pin
  • Pacific GEM
  • Green dart set
  • Sold dart set
  • Brown dart set
  • Green dart set
  • Orange dart pin
  • Pinpoint
  • Dart shot
  • Purple vikis
  • Warrior
  • Red warrior
  • Design

Our dartboards come in a variety of styles for all skill levels. Whether you’re brand new to the sport or a long time pro, we have you covered!

  • dart board cabinets 1
  • dart board cabinets 2
traditional cabinet

Traditional Cabinet
comes in Espresso, Cherry, and Walnut

  • Black Knight Package

Black Knight Package- We took our popular Black Knight dartboard cabinet and combined it with a blade style dartboard and nickel silver darts to create an amazing dart package at a great price. This is a higher end package, and the Jett Micro Edge Technology board is what makes this set stand out above all others. The blade wire low bounce-out board makes this a perfect set for someone serious about playing. Upgrading the darts to 2 sets of nickel silver sets with cool holographic flights takes it to a whole new level.

Full colour bilingual packaging.

  • Puma stadium
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