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Darts, the Game for the Whole Family!


Whether you are looking to set up a dartboard in your house, garage, or bar, we have the supplies you need! Our staff can help you set up your dream basement, get you sest up for league or problem solve how you can take your board wherever you go.


We carry Bristle and Magnetic boards.

Magnetic Dartboards


Safer darts? Check. Fun? CHECK! This is a great starter for kids, fun for adults and is highly portable! Going camping? Hang from a tree.

Bristle Boards

While it may seem that all bristle dartboards are created equally, there can be some major differences. The most obvious difference is what is used as the segment divider Round wire, Diamond wire or Blade wire.


Round wire is your most economical choice. Great for the beginner or casual recreational player. The wire is pinned to the board and does take up some precious scoring area. Due to the rounded nature of the wire, there is an increased chance of bounce out if the dart hits the wire. They are still a solidly built board.


The Diamond wire is still pinned to the board, but it is thinner than the round wire. The angle on the Diamond wire helps direct the dart into the board and you will suffer fewer bounce-outs.


Blade wire dartboards have the blade inserted into the board itself and the wires are extremely thin. This works to prevent bounce-outs and gives you more area to your board because of the lack of staples. While this board is in the higher price range, this will definitely help out your score! 


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We stock a range of darts, from the budget-conscious to the extravagant. Brass, Nickel and Tungsten are your choices for the barrel. Brass darts are common and ideal for the new dart player, while Tungsten darts are the professional preferred dart. Tungsten is a dense metal so you will find the higher the amount of Tungsten, the narrower the barrel will be. Shafts and Flights are where you can really start to customize your darts and let your personality show. Shafts are mainly made from plastic or aluminum, and then you need to decide on length, colour and fixed or rotating tops. Our Flight selection has many options also. From the shape to the theme – whether it’s a fun saying, a cute picture or sports teams, we have choices!

Cabinets and Surrounds

Cabinets do more than just hide your board. They usually have a scoreboard, a place to hold extra darts and they also help protect your walls. If a cabinet isn’t for you, we also have Dart Surround Cabinets with foam insert, or you can purchase just the foam surround.


Cases, flight rings, shaft rings, wax and grip aids, sharpeners, Out Charts, carpet or rubber mats, lighting system, electronic scorers, scoreboards, chalk and eraser, Goofy Darts and Dart Cards. We have lots of options and styles for all the accessories you could need. We also offer in-store repairs and point re-tipping for darts.

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