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Enjoy Disc Golf in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat with Supplies from Games Galore


Disc Golf is one of the fastest-growing sports. Most courses are free to play. Once you invest in a few discs, you are ready to golf.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by purchasing a Starter Pack. The great thing about Starter Packs is they are geared towards the beginner. The discs that are included are easier to throw and control. Once you start getting a feel for your toss, you will notice that your discs tend to curve, and you will hear these terms – Stable (flies straight), Overstable (curves left for RH players or right for LH players), Understable (curves right for RH players or left for LH players). Each individual disc has its own flight path, which can be manipulated by your strength and technique.


Generally speaking, most disc companies use a standard Flight Rating; this shows the Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade of each disc.


Speed (usually from 1 – 14) is the amount of power needed by the player to throw the disc, in order to get the intended flight out of it. The lower the Speed, the easier to throw and achieve the desired results. The higher the speed, the further the disc has the potential to go, but there is less room for error.

Glide is the disc’s ability to stay aloft. For long-distance throws the higher the glide, the further the throw, but if you have a short approach shot, a lower glide would be best.

Turn (-5 to +1) is the disc’s ability to turn to the right (Right Hand Back Hand – RHBH) when initially thrown. The degree to which a disc resists a high-speed turn determines the disc’s stability. A higher number means the more stable it is and will fly fairly straight. The lower the number, the more understable it is.

Last but not least is Fade. This is the end of the flight for the disc. Basically, how much it will hook before it lands. This is just a summary of each Flight Rating number. They all affect each other and should be read as a whole. For more help choosing the right disc for you, come in to see the Flight Charts for the disc companies we have and we are more than happy to help you find the disc you need. We carry discs from Innova, MVP, Prodigy, Discraft, and Daredevil as well as Bags and Backpacks! Stop by one of our locations in Medicine Hat or Lethbridge and see what we have in store for you!

Innova Flight Chart Drivers


Innova Flight Chart - Drivers and Fairways


Use these charts to help find the right disc for your throwing style.


Innova Flight Chart - Mid-range and Putters


*Don't forget to look for a water disc, just in case!




Discraft is one of the most popular brands of Disc. We offer a range of different plastics and starter sets by Discraft.

Prodigy Flight Chart

The Prodigy Disc naming system is designed to help players figure out what disc they need for each shot quickly and easily. The letter in the model name represents the type of disc. For example, the 'M' in M4 stands for Midrange Disc. The number in the model name represents the stability of the flight path. Our models range from 1 to 7 - '1' being the most overstable and '7' being the most understable. Therefore, the "4" in M4 means that it falls in the middle of our stability rating, making it a slightly understable, depending on the model range in that series.


Daredevil Discgolf

Daredevil Discs are located in Ottawa, Ontario and all discs are 100% Made in Ontario. 

MVP disc

Home Of GRYO technology. They are a chemically bonded overmold disc, which have a great combination of grip and durability!

Mvp disc golf


AXIOM Disc is a companion company to MVP Disc. The difference being instead of the traditionaly black rim of MVP, AXIOM mixes thing up with bright colours of rims and plastic.

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