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Diamond Paint

Many designs to choose from, available in stock or for special order. Call 403-320-9780 for availability.


Diamond painting is an amazing new craft where stunning designs are created with tiny "Diamond" like facets. Diamond painting kits will produce stunning shimmery effects, from a broad range of designs that cater to all tastes. The process of picking up the diamond drill and placing it onto the chart is easy, relaxing, and quick, making it possible to complete even the large size designs in a matter of days.


In addition to our beginner kits, we also have intermediate and advanced skill level kits. There is always a new and beautifully challenging diamond paint design for you to complete. All kits from beginner to advanced complete with all the tools necessary to complete your Diamond Paint. Additional accessories are available to help with your diamond painting experience. Quick and easy to do. The end result is a beautiful Diamond Paint design that is so visually spectacular that it will have you wanting to do more.

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