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If you need to outfit your rec room, restaurant or bar with some entertainment, then come to Games Galore & The Billiard Store for a selection of games, including dart boards, billiard tables and more. Our darts section is well-stocked with boards, shafts, flights and accessories.

Come check out our dart boards and supplies. We have a location in Medicine Hat and in Lethbridge.


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Our darts come in dozens of styles and weights ranging from 18 to 28 grams. Special weights are also available at request!

  • black arrow
  • assasin 80
  • ICE 25
  • Black Jack 22
  • Club harrow 23
  • Matrix 22
  • harrows
  • phil taylor light blue
  • Phil taylor purple
  • Phil Taylor dark blue
  • pirahna dart
  • savage 80
  • savage 85
  • silver arrows darts
  • silver shark dart
  • sport 90 dart
  • swiftflyte tournament brass
  • torpedo 80
  • voodoo darts
  • Winmau Blade 4 dart board

Winmau Blade 4 -The Winmau Blade 4 utilises a revolutionary new wiring system that dramatically reduces bounce outs and provides the opportunity for maximum scoring potential. Its predecessor, the Blade 3, set the standard as the World’s finest staple free dartboard and the Blade 4 has taken this to a completely new level. The DSW (Dynamic Sector Wire) is now over 50% thinner for best in class performance and optimum scoring possibilities. This unique wiring system is constructed from a hi tech, ultra-strong material that is designed to deflect the darts into the target area. The advanced molecular structure of the high tensile steel facilitates total accuracy right across the whole playing surface, whilst lasting even longer.

  • Blade 4 Dual Core

Blade 4 Dual Core -The Blade 4 Dual Core dartboard reaffirms Winmau’s pioneering role in the field of dartboard innovation taking our values of design, craftsmanship and engineering excellence to another level. The Dual Core technology achieves lower compression at the outer core which reduces surface resistance and increases point penetration for fewer lost darts and higher scores. Higher compression at the inner core increases resistance below the surface, absorbing excess kinetic energy for improved durability. The pure sisal outer core has an uncompromised playing surface for perfect vision, increased scoring potential and easier alignment. The Rota Lock system featured in this dartboard utilises triple wheel locators to allow the dartboard to be fitted to virtually any surface in a matter of minutes for a secure fit and easy rotation.

  • Budweiser brand

Budweiser Board -Round wire bristle dartboard with staple free bullseye. Features cliple II wire fixing technology and exclusive Budweiser graphics.

  • Diamond Plus

Diamond Plus -The Diamond Plus dartboard offers a wiring system that is leaner, more refined and geared to modern darts performance at the advanced level. With dramatically improved playability and durability, the Diamond Plus features a completely new high tensile Dynamic Sector Wiring system for reduced bounceouts. The Diamond Plus is a tournament specification dartboard with a CNC precision manufactured staple free bullseye and consistent construction, high visibility, super dense sisal base designed for maximum play. The Diamond Plus is exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organization and complies to World Darts Federation specifications. Other unique features include an anti glare number ring, game of darts booklet and checkout table.

  • HD Competition Bristle

Harley Davidson® Competition Bristle -The Harley Davidson® Competition Bristle Dartboard is made of millions of sisal fibers, for self healing durability, and has a network of steel wires to separate the numbers. The Competition dartboard includes a staple free bulls eye allowing for fewer bounce outs and higher scoring darts. This standard quality dartboard is for the occasional game and is perfect for entertaining in the home recreation room.

  • Target Protour dart board

Target Protour -Highly compacted superior sisal combined with 37 years of excellence enables Target to create this championship self healing, instant shape recovery bristle dart board. The Target Pro Tour Dartboard features Smart Edge Technology which is 35% thinner than conventional round wire dart boards, increasing your target area and maximising averages. Its 100% staple free stainless steel wire construction ensures longer life and improved design. Complete with Target's fully rotational, Anti Glare number ring.

  • Winmau Blade 4

Pro SFB -The Pro SFB dartboard includes a high tensile steel round wire and Cliple II wiring system for reduced deflections. This tournament specification dartboard features a CNC precision manufactured staple free bullseye and consistent construction super dense sisal base which is built to last. The Pro SFB is exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organization and complies to World Darts Federation specifications.

  • Puma Bandit dart board

Puma Bandit- The Original Bandit - The World’s Finest Bristle Dartboard - Micro thin diamond edged blades result in greater playing surface and increased scoring. This state of the art dartboard lasts longer than conventional bristle boards. Bounce-outs are virtually eliminated. No wire spider - no staples. Puma's innovative Bandit Board has reduced the problem of bounce-outs by creating an entirely new approach, instead of a wire spider, The Bandit has interlocking thin steel bands embedded in the bristles for all divisions leaving almost nothing to deflect the dart. These bands also serve to strengthen the board, giving it better holding qualities and extending its life span. Made from African Sisal in New Zealand.

  • Puma Patriot II dart board
  • dart board cabinets 1
  • dart board cabinets 2
traditional cabinet

Traditional Cabinet
comes in Espresso, Cherry, and Walnut

  • Black Knight Package

Black Knight Package- We took our popular Black Knight dartboard cabinet and combined it with a blade style dartboard and nickel silver darts to create an amazing dart package at a great price. This is a higher end package, and the Jett Micro Edge Technology board is what makes this set stand out above all others. The blade wire low bounce-out board makes this a perfect set for someone serious about playing. Upgrading the darts to 2 sets of nickel silver sets with cool holographic flights takes it to a whole new level.

Full colour bilingual packaging.

  • Harley Oil Package

Harley Oil Package - Harley Davidson Dartboard Darts Kit with old school oil can design. This package features a cool Harley Davidson oil can on the front doors of the cabinet. This one-of-a-kind dartboard cabinet is a must-have for your game room. This kit comes with everything you need to play a game. Includes: 1 Harley Davidson dartboard and cabinet, 2 sets of Harley Davidson darts, 1 Throw line, and 2 Scoreboards.

  • Harrows Pro Choice Package

Harrows Pro Choice Package- The complete 'ready to go' steel tip combination set is presented in a superb full colour carton and carries the endorsement of our team of International Superstars. Features include:

• Light oak finish cabinet (scoreboards inside the doors)

• Official competition bristle dartboard

• Two sets (6 pieces) of brass darts

• Chalks & duster

  • Puma Dart Package

Puma Dart Package- This quality Puma bristle dartboard and custom wood veneer wooden cabinet set comes complete and ready for play with two whiteboard scoreboards, a dry erase marker, 2 sets of brass darts, and dart holders. Dartboard is full 18" x 1.5" size and cabinet dimensions are:

Closed: 62cm H x 51cm W x 9cm D

Open: 102cm H x 47cm W x 9cm D

Set includes:

• Custom wood veneer cabinet including scoreboards and dart holders

• Quality bristle dartboard 18" x 1"

• 2 Sets 20gm deluxe brass darts

  • Swiftflyte Package

Swiftflyte Package- Features:

• 3-3/4” x 22” x 25-1/2”

• Solid pine construction

• Colonial oak finish

• Full size bristle dartboard

• 2 sets of brass darts

• Chalk

  • Winmau Professional Package

Winmau Professional Package- Features:

• Dartboard - New 50% thinner Dynamic Sector Wiring system, precision-made triangular diamond wires, tournament approved specification dartboard, CNC precision-made staple-free bullseye, and consistent construction super dense sisal base designed for maximum play

• Darts - Precision profile barrels, nylon shafts, mega standard flights

• Cabinet - 2-3/4” x 20” x 23-1/2”, deluxe and high quality rosewood veneer effect cabinet, home and away easy-wipe scoring panels featuring BDO logo, strengthened back panel, includes chalk and duster set, checkout table and all fixtures and playing instructions

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